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Comparing Freelance SEO Consultants and Agencies

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What’s the difference between freelance SEO consultants and agencies?

The main difference is obvious, freelancers work as independent consultants. They’re usually self-employed and their client base is often localised, although in theory freelance SEO’s can work from anywhere with clients from anywhere.

SEO agencies offer similar consultancy services but they have a large team. The size of an SEO agency will range from anything from a couple of people to hundreds. SEO agencies often offer other internet marketing services like web design, pay per click advertising or display advertising as well as SEO.


As with other service based industries typically freelance SEO’s are cheaper than SEO agencies. Agencies have higher overheads like offices and sales teams, finance departments and account managers. Most freelancers work independently from home offices making their overheads significantly lower.

Most agencies an freelance SEO’s price their work hourly or on a day rate.


The actual SEO process which agencies and freelance consultants follow is usually quite similar. There’s a fairly well developed best practice process for optimising a website which usually looks something like:

Keyword research
Technical optimisation
On site optimisation
Link building
Terminology and the details of each part of the process will vary from agency to agency and consultant to consultant but most will follow this formula by and large. Some freelancers may focus on a particular part of the SEO process like link building but most are all rounders who can complete all parts of the process.

The biggest difference with an agency is probably the level of account management involvement which can be useful for larger campaigns with big brands.


The quality of SEO work delivered by agencies and freelancers varies greatly so no real comparison can be drawn and as a business considering working with either a consultant or a consultancy it is your responsibility to seek assurances about the reliability, credibility and performance of who you hire to do your SEO.

Seek references from other customers about the experience of working with the agency or the freelancer and check their clients results in Google search results.

Agency’s often sell themselves on the benefit of having a multi-disciplinary team at their disposal made up of departmental specialists like link builders and copywriters. This can certainly be an advantage but just as often freelancers can offer a better quality of service and results by having more personal experience on your project.


Having a team may give agencies an advantage in this respect but often freelancers are ex-agency employees who have been in the SEO business longer and are at the top of their game. When working with an agency be sure to seek assurances about the experience of the team members working on your project. Sloppy SEO work conducted by under qualified consultants can in some cases damage your websites search rankings more than it helps.

Sector specialists

Managing an SEO campaign has different challenges in different industries and often specialist experience working in a certain sector can be a big advantage. Some freelance SEO consultants will specialise in a sector like travel, retail or finance or in a certain geographical area like local businesses in London. Most SEO agencies don’t specialise in a sector because they would soon run out of potential clients (as an agency should only work with one site in a particular niche to avoid conflict between clients) this means they may be more generalists however they will often be able to draw on knowledge from other campaigns in the same niche.


Some larger SEO agencies have developed bespoke tools to manage their clients campaigns and generate reports. Technology is certainly an important part of SEO however for the most part the best SEO tools are available to everyone (at a price). Most agency tools are designed to create reports and streamline parts of their SEO process. They can certainly help but be aware that there’s no secret tool or piece of technology that will deliver you higher search rankings- only good solid SEO work will do that and it always involves the human touch.

There’s certainly no one size fits all answer for whether a freelancer or agency will be a better fit for your SEO project. When you’re seeking proposals I’d recommend talking to both, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each and ultimately choose based on the quality of their proposed solution and integrity of personal references.

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Consultative Selling Explained

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Consultative selling is, by nature, exactly as it sounds. Instead of selling to a client, a sales professional uncovers the needs of the prospect through asking various questions and then tailoring their product or service accordingly. There is no better way to go about it. The old way of selling which is quite outdated involved the sales representative giving a presentation to their target market and hoping it hits a sweet spot. This type of selling was perfectly shown in the media through the David Mamet play Glenngary Glen Ross. Throughout the story, we see desperate sales professionals pitching potential investors and attempting to convince them to sign off on a significant purchase. This type of selling does not work anymore. Companies such as Miller-Heiman have changed the sales ballgame and our sales headhunters and sales recruiters couldn’t be more thankful for it. There is also a medium between consultative and aggressive selling that our sales employment experts also frown upon (though not as much as pure, old-style, aggressive selling). Our sales headhunters call this middle ground “reading off the PowerPoint.” We agree that all sales professionals should come equipped with a presentation, however a bullet-pointed PowerPoint never got somebody really excited about the product or service they were being offered.

The best way to sell, in the opinion of our sales headhunters, is to have a basic conversation. You learn more by asking questions and decision makers enjoy the meeting more. Nobody likes to be talked at; it is boring and sometimes makes the target client feel as if you don’t value his opinion. Consultative selling also teaches us not to make assumptions as to what the client wants. In sales, assumptions get you into trouble. This goes back to the question and answer process that is central to consultative selling. Additionally, consultative selling involves doing a basic “needs and wants” analysis. Again, like consultative selling, “needs and wants” are quite simplistic and are exactly what they sound like. Essentially, needs are the basic requirements of the prospective client. Let’s say that you are a sales rep for Apple Computer in the business to business space (B2B).

As a consultative selling expert, you understand that the client with whom you are meeting needs a computer. But then the “wants” come into play. If someone needs a computer, they will probably buy a Dell or other inexpensive PC, if left to their own devices. But if someone wants a very sleek, functional computer which also serves as a lifestyle choice, they are probably going to want a Mac. Therefore, the consultative selling expert will determine – again, through a pleasant conversation with a back and forth question and answer session – how the client could use the Apple computers and how it may make their life easier. To give an example of aggressive selling using the same scenario, a sales person would immediately tell the client that Macs have much better design functions than many PCs without first waiting to hear if this was something the client was even concerned with. As you have probably already deduced, our sales headhunters strongly recommend using a consultative selling style.

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Why Do You Need a Good SEO Consultant?

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Of course you can do without a good SEO consultant. That is what your enterprising guts tell you. After a lot of thought you decide on opening up channels of Internet marketing too, to reach your customers and clients in a better way. You expect your presence on the web to be noticed but once you are on it you feel lost in the amount of content and data that is available. Your voice through your website seems to get buried in the noise and the amount of traffic, leads and queries you expected, is nowhere to be seen. Precisely that is why you need an SEO consultant or a SEO firm or agency, who can bring you and your customers together, who can guide you in optimizing your presence on web so that your voice is heard above the clutter.

So what can a good SEO consultant do for your business? SEO consultants optimize your content by using right keywords in such a way that instead of being buried at the third page of the results after a search on the search engine, you are able to see your website and your web presence listed on the first page. We generally look carefully at the search results present on the first page and are too lazy to go to the third or fourth page to check out the precuts and services listed there. Hence from business point of view it certainly makes sense for you to be on the first page of search engines result. It increases visibility, more people click on it and the traffic increases.

It is very important for you to find the right SEO consultant or SEO firm. There have been SEO consultants who have taken their clients business to top most ranks by shady means only to be blacklisted and blocked by all the search engines later. So there is a need for some due diligence before hiring SEO consultants. Ask them some honest questions. Will they provide weekly updates on the rankings and related analytic s? Can they guarantee that your site can be on the first page on at least a couple of keywords? You cant expect to be on first page with all your keywords. A good SEO consultant will provide a complete list of deliverable s and the pricing model. Some companies and professionals will only provide you SEO services while others include email marketing, blog, podcasts, video links etc.

A SEO consultant will start with making changes to your website content. He will try to make it more search engine friendly so that the spiders or trackers of search engines are able to access the site and content with more ease. He will study and adjust the site architecture. HTML validation process will follow, and he could change the URLS, source codes, the Meta tags, etc. He will ensure that you have a good strategy as far as link programs are concerned. A comprehensive web page analysis will then follow which would be followed by a baseline report of the website. The Baseline report will provide the analysis of the keywords needed to drive the traffic. He will ensure that your presence and brand gets visibility and traffic.

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Meeting Business Goals With a Marketing Consultant

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A marketing consultant can help your business create marketing plans and marketing strategies. A plan and strategy are two different things, although some people use the terms interchangeably. The marketing plan is the roadmap of the marketing strategy. Your business needs one to make the other successful.

A marketing professional will help you create objectives and outline the steps needed to meet the goals of the objectives. It’s often hard for business people to remember that their marketing and business goals are an ever- changing aspect of business. They can not be written down and filed away for future reference. They must be reviewed weekly to ensure the goals are being met and that the strategies outlined are still feasible.

The Marketing Process

A marketing consultant will use a step-by-step process to help create an effective marketing plan. The first step is to define the marketing and business project and detail the wants and needs of the company. The marketer may want to include all levels of management in the process to determine how the company is viewed by its administrators. Management can share what they think works and doesn’t with the current business strategies.

After dealing with people on the inside, the consultant may choose to take surveys or talk with current clients of the business. Customer feedback is one of the top ways to determine if your current business strategies are successful and provided satisfactorily. After determining customer and employee satisfaction and considering all voiced opinions about proposed changes, the consultant will draw up a plan of action.

Branding and Marketing

One of the main goals of many consultants is to help improve the company’s brand. After the strategies and action plan are created, the consultant will work to create better brand recognition. It’s through brand recognition that companies become known to consumers and improve sales. In fact, brand recognition involves more than just marketing the business to consumers. It involves creating positive emotions within the consumers so that they build brand loyalty.

Product Strategy

Once the strategies and plans are in place and consumers are aware of your business, the consultant will work on marketing new and existing products. The marketing strategies for new products will include determining the best time to launch a new line, expanding a current product, and performing analyses and reports on budgets and advertising. By utilising a marketing consultant, you can ensure that your company will have a presence in the business world.

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